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Major Felonies

If you have been arrested for a major felony in Idaho, you are facing harsh punishments that can follow you for the rest of your life. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience with high level negotiations and the training and trial background to win tough cases at trial. You need someone who devotes their practice to criminal law and who will devote their time to your case.

Years in prison, substantial fines, a criminal record, separation from your family and damage to future employment prospects are just a few of the life-changing penalties that could result from a conviction.

At the Waldrup Law Office I am the same attorney who you will hire and who will represent you at all stages of your case. I am the only attorney in my office because I believe the quality and level of representation you receive is far more important than the number of cases I have.

Contact me right away to see the difference and the quality of representation I can provide. I will devote my time and experience to your case. I will fight for your liberty and protect your rights. There is no more important call than the one you need to make right now.

I need to hear from you immediately if you have been arrested. Don’t postpone your selection of an attorney while prosecutors mount a case against you. Delaying getting an Attorney will likely have a negative impact on your defense and on the outcome of your case. Call 208 597‑1837 right now to schedule a free initial consultation.

We respond quickly to after hours and weekend calls and can get started right away on helping you and your case.

From arrest to outcome, to appeals court if necessary, my full-service criminal defense law office will forcefully protect your constitutional rights. Some of the many cases I handle are:

  • Drug crimes — possession, trafficking, manufacture
  • Violent crimes — murder, assault, armed robbery
  • Grand theft — robbery, armed robbery, bank robbery
  • Embezzlement, extortion, money laundering
  • Gun charges
  • Misdemeanor and Felony DUI

I will look carefully into the reasonable suspicion or probable cause the police use to arrest you. I will review and investigate every aspect of your arrest for any sign of illegal search and seizure. I will collect and analyze evidence, marshal supportive witnesses, expose conflicting testimony and work hard to hold the state to its burden of proof.

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Your free initial consultation with us can always take place by phone, at a police station, jail cell or at my office. Call right now: 208 597‑1837.

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