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Sandpoint Idaho Criminal Defense Attorney who will protect your rights.

Over Eighteen Years of Experience in DUI and DWI Defense including misdemeanors, felonies, Drug DUIs, Refusals, and High Blood Alcohol levels.

If you have been arrested for DUI your right to legally operate a motor vehicle is in serious jeopardy. Your right to contest the automatic suspension of your driving privileges expires seven days from the date of your arrest so it is important that you contact me immediately.

Don’t give up your rights

Don’t let the government get a leg up on your case. No matter what type of DUI or DWI you are facing it can seriously impact your freedom, your driving privileges and your family. Call now.

We respond quickly to after hours and weekend calls and can get started right away on helping you and your case.

I will review and investigate every aspect of you case including:

  • Investigation of the reason or reasons the police contacted you in the first place. There are many instances where the police did not have the legal reasonable suspicion required to even begin their case. Your rights may have been and often are violated. It is important to have someone who will truly fight for you.
  • Examination of every aspect of your arrest including the validity of the sobriety tests the officer gave you and the validity and accuracy of your breath or blood alcohol test. If your attorney doesn’t understand the science behind these tests then they won’t be able to win tough cases. I have had extensive technical DUI and DWI training. I have also had extensive DUI and DWI trial experience. That training and experience can truly make a difference. Call me right away to see the services I provide and the difference I can make.
  • Highlighting all the aspects of your case including weather and road conditions, and medical issues. I use an extensive DUI and DWI questionnaire that will greatly assist in identifying the critical issues in your case.

If your case needs an expert witness such as a toxicologist or certified DUI or DWI defense witness then I will know where to contact the very best for your case.

Whether you are a first timer or have prior charges or convictions the lawyer you choose is of the utmost importance. Let me worry about the details so you can continue to live your life while your case is pending.

Contact me right away to see the difference and the quality of representation I can provide. I will devote my time and experience to your case. I will fight for your liberty and protect your rights. There is no more important call than the one you need to make right now.

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