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Experience in every type of pot offense including possession, trafficking, intent to deliver and manufacturing.

I am a member of the NORML Legal Committee and am committed to helping those in need.

If you have been arrested for a marijuana offense in Idaho your rights are in serious jeopardy. It is imperative that you contact me immediately. Despite what other states may be doing Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys still seek serious jail and prison terms in pot cases. Pot Laws may be changing, but not in Idaho. You may have just been passing through Idaho, but many of the pot offenses in Idaho are subject to mandatory prison terms. Don’t let your life get destroyed because you did not get the help you need.

You need an attorney who knows the tactics the police employ and who knows how to fight back.

I respond quickly to after hours and weekend calls and can get started right away on helping you and your case.

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I will review and investigate every aspect of you case. The police often engage in illegal search and seizure and it is extremely important to have an attorney who will truly be of service to you.

Whether you are a first timer or have prior charges or convictions the lawyer you choose is of the utmost importance. Let me worry about the details so you can continue to live your life while your case is pending.

Contact me right away to see the difference and the quality of representation I can provide. I will devote my time and experience to your case. I will fight for your liberty and protect your rights. There is no more important call than the one you need to make right now: 208 597‑1837.

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Your free initial consultation with me can always take place on the phone, at a police station, jail cell or at my office. Call right now: 208 597‑1837.

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